Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 5 – Vikings @ Rams Matchup

Well normally I do my weekly analysis of the St. Louis Rams matchup. This week I am not going to bother to give you tons of information about the game against the Minnesota Vikings. I will simply say this is a complete miss-match. Sure Minnesota played an emotional game Monday Night against the Green Bay Packers, and their next two games are against the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, but this is NOT a trap game. The Rams would be lucky to trap a mouse between them using all 53 players on the roster. Sure I watched Any Given Sunday and have seen many upsets in the NFL but this will not be one of them. Stating this by the way does not make me a bad fan but a realist and there is a difference. I will be there early, cheer for my team and hope for a victory but at the moment I give them zero percent chance of being in this game. Hopefully the Rams can thrill me with a win but how?

The Rams are last in points scored, and 30th in total yards and passing yards in the NFL. The Vikings 118 points scored, are third most in the NFL, while the Rams have only scored 26. Brett Favre alone has 8 TD passes. The Rams are still looking for their first rushing TD, while Adrian Peterson has racked up 5 already. Adrian Peterson has 92 touches on the year and look for him to have a great game against the Rams on Sunday.

It is simple, we lack skill, talent, and playmakers. In this game the Rams are facing a Vikings team that is loaded with playmakers. On offense the Vikings have all world QB Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, Chester Taylor & Visanthe Shiancoe. I can't even count the amount of bad matchups this causes for the Rams. The offensive line features great blocking on the left side by Steve Hutchinson and Bryant McKinnie. When the Rams go to run the ball they will face the wall of Pat and Kevin Williams inside. When the Rams go to pass they will need to find a way to block the NFC sack leader Jared Allen, and get the ball past one of the best cornerbacks in the league Antoine Winfield.

Hopefully the Rams front office will get a good look at a team that is loaded with playmakers, and see that they are needed to compete and win in the NFL. Nate Jones, Keenan Burton, Donnie Avery, and Danny Amendola are not the answer and an absolute joke that in week 5 of an NFL season they are the only receivers on the roster.

Prediction Vikings over the Rams 30-6

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