Sunday, September 6, 2009

We Analyze The St. Louis Rams Roster Cuts

After cutting running backs Antonio Pittman, and Chris Ogbonnaya were cut the Rams are left with only 3 runnngbacks on the roster at the moment. With Samkon Gado suffering cartilage damage to his ribs and being questionable for the season opener in Seattle will the Rams pick up another back? Did Kenneth Darby make the squad based on special teams play? It looks like the Rams really have a lack of talented depth and this position.

I was really not surprised the Rams kept Keith Null over Brock Berlin. Null is cheaper, younger, and has more of an upside than Berlin. In addition the Rams have two veterans in Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller on the roster so not a huge need for a 3rd veteran at the moment.

With Billy Bajema making the roster the Rams only kept 5 Wide receivers. I was very happy to see Nate Jones make the team. I like his speed and quickness, and again the upside. On the downside the Rams are heading into the 2009 season with a very young and inexperienced group in Avery, Burton, Jones, Robinson, and Stanley. Donnie Avery with 53 catches in the NFL leads the entire group, talk about inexperience. Expect some growing pains at this position.

The Rams kept 9 on the O-line and D-line. It was a shame Eric Moore hurt his hand in the game against the Chiefs and was put on IR, I think he had a good chance of making the team. His injury helped C.J. Ah You earn a backup DE position. Eric Young (RT) and Gary Gibson (DT) are both young players that played their way onto the team

The Rams kept 7 linebackers. I was surprised with the lack of playing time Quinton Culberson had in the preseason that he made the team. If the Rams pickup a player prior to the season I would not be surprised to see Culberson let go. Nice to see Larry Grant make the team and I would also like to see him start next to his Ohio State teammate James Laurinaitis. David Vabora Mr. Irrelevant from the 2008 draft has also made the squad again. I like the sure tackling ability of Chamberlain and Vabora, they also contribute on special teams.

There were no cuts at cornerback which was no surprise since the Rams only had 5 left. At safety can someone tell me how David Roach made the team? I know Todd Johnson did not have a good preseason either but Roach was just awful. If the Rams make a roster move this week you would think Roach would get released. The other backup safety spot went to Craig Dahl

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