Tuesday, September 1, 2009

St. Louis Rams Trade CB Tye Hill To Atlanta

Today the St. Louis Rams traded former 1st round draft pick, CB Tye Hill to the Atlanta Falcons for a 7th round draft choice in the 2010 NFL Draft. This is the end of the road for Tye Hill who has been a major disappointment since being drafted. Hill known for his 4.3 track speed while coming out of Clemson has never materialized as a top CB. Coach Steve Spagnuolo wants bigger, tougher cornerbacks to play his scheme and Hill at 5'10" 185 pounds just no longer measured up. Jonathan Wade at 5'10" 195 pounds will now take over at the other starting cornerback opposite Ron Bartell. While I do not believe Wade is ready to be a starting corner the coaching staff has made the move. Spagnuolo is putting his stamp on the Rams while sending a crystal clear message that they are going to get bigger, stronger, and younger his way.

As we look back on Rams drafting mistakes we can now point to the Tye Hill selection. Most fans have forgotten that in 2006 we traded the #11 overall pick to the Denver Broncos while moving down to 15th and getting the #68 pick from the Broncos. Meanwhile the Rams could have selected Jay Cutler in the 11th slot. The Rams may look back at that choice for a long time.

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