Thursday, September 10, 2009

St. Louis Rams Release Draft, Add Culberson

In a surprise move, 72 hours prior to the St. Louis Rams opener against the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams released LB Chris Draft. Apparently the Rams asked Draft to take a pay cut and he declined. The Rams then released Draft which will save $380,000. However Draft was going to start on Sunday so now what? With Larry Grant injured, who I believe should be the starting outside linebacker, David Vabora (Mr. Irrelevant) will step in. Quinton Culberson who was just cut was added back to the Rams roster. The Rams only have 5 cornerbacks on the roster and 4 wide receivers, so I am also surprised they brought back another linebacker. Culberson a undrafted rookie free agent is far from a star, and not as good as Draft. I believe this move was to once again make the team younger and to save money against the cap. Also remember coach Steve Spagnuolo worked with the Philadelphia Eagles who are great with the cap but are known for cutting players over 30. Is Spagnuolo a chip off of the Andy Reid block?

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