Tuesday, December 27, 2011

St. Louis Rams vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Grades

Quarterbacks (D)
After a pretty decent game against the Cincinnati Bengals Kellen Clemens came back down to earth with a 9 of 24 for 91 yard performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With only five completions to wide receivers the Rams simply could not get anything going.

Running backs (B)
What can you say about Steven Jackson a truly great professional. It was nice to see him top 1000 yards for the seventh straight year. Jackson was able to run for 103 yards on 24 carries but again these yards are always between the 20's. Cadillac Williams chipped in 42 yards and the Rams were able to run for 164 yards against the #1 ranked defense in the league. Without points it is all for not but they did probably as good as they could.

Wide Receivers (D)
Rams wideouts caught 5 passes for 54 yards, not much to write home about. You would think since they are always behind the Rams would air it out but they just seem incapable of even attempting it under Steve Spagunolo. Lance Kendricks and the tight end group were again a no show as they had only 2 catches for 13 yards.

Offensive Line (B)
The Rams ran for 164 yards and only allowed 3 sacks to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Based on what we have seen in the past this was one of their best games of the season. Again that is not saying a lot but they played about as well as they can play in this one.

Special Teams (C-)
Coverage teams got a break in this one as Antonio Brown only had one kickoff and punt return. For the Rams Nick Miller looked good with 31 yards on 3 punt returns. Jerious Norwood averaged 24 yards on 3 returns as well. So this week it was Josh Brown's turn to break down. Brown missed two field goals that could have made the score 13-6 during the 4th quarter.

Defense (B)
Well the defense as usual had enough downs to crush the team. The Rams allowed 37 year old Charlie Batch to complete 68% of his passes and 377 total yards to the Steelers. The Steelers averaged 6 yards per carry on the ground as the Rams continue to get run over by every team they play. On the bright side the Rams were in the game in the 4th quarter and held Pittsburgh to 1 of 7 on 3rd down conversions.

Coaching (F)
Well the Rams actually tried a trick play which of course failed as Donnie Jones was outraced to the marker by Antonio Brown. The Rams who have nothing to lose still seem to play conservative even from the start as the Rams ran a sweep on the first drive on 3rd and 12. Steven Jackson picked up 15 yards on the play but how do you run the ball right there. The Rams can't score and nothing seems to change and the coaching has to take the blame.

By Stlvinnie - http://www.stlouisramfan.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least we're in the running to draft #1

12/29/2011 01:59:00 PM  

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