Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rams vs. Cowboys Game Preview

The St. Louis Rams (0-5) will take on the Dallas Cowboys (2-3) on Sunday without their star quarterback Sam Bradford due to a high ankle sprain. The Rams are a team in flux right now. The Rams will be forced to start A.J. Feeley who has barely thrown for over 1000 yards total since 2004. The Rams will also have a new receiver on the field Sunday after trading for
Brandon Lloyd. The Rams have been rotating in lineman, linebackers and corners since the season began and their 25th
ranked defense shows it.

The Rams will once again take on a 3-4 defense on Sunday. Dallas has played very well on defense and are currently 5th in yards allowed and with some decent play from quarterback Tony Romo they could easily be 5-0. Jason Smith, Rodger Saffold and Steven Jackson are going to have their hands full trying to block Anthony Spencer & DeMarcus Ware who have combined for 10 sacks. Steven Jackson will also be going up against the #1 ranked rushing defense which is not going to help AJ Feeley ease back into action.

The St. Louis Rams have just not played well and have yet to play 60 minutes of football. The Rams have trailed by double digits in all 5 games and have a -88 point differential, worst in the NFL. The Rams have a dubious combination of being dead last in scoring and 30th in scoring defense. Hopefully with the addition of Brandon Lloyd and Mark Clayton the Rams offense will start to turn the corner as the season continues. The Cowboys will be within starting running back Felix Jones which will force them to go with Tashard Choice and DeMarco Murray who have combined for 138 yards on 50 carries. The Rams will need to contain the Cowboys running game so they can focus getting pressure on Tony Romo.

I must admit I just can't drink any kool-aid this weekend. I know fans get mad when I do not predict a Rams victory but I am a realist and tell you my honest opinion. The 2011 St. Louis Rams are currently not a good football team. There are just terrible matchups all over in this game. You have the 34 year old A.J. Feeley being protected by a suspect line while being chased by Spencer and Ware, and Steven Jackson going up against the best rushing defense in the league. On the other side of the ball you have Justin King and Al Harris trying to defend against Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. In addition you can add to that mix the Rams linebackers trying to cover Jason Witten who already has 31 receptions on the year. I expect the Cowboys to play their best game of the year tomorrow.

Prediction St. Louis Rams 6 - Dallas Cowboys 31

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