Sunday, December 19, 2010

Steve Spagnuolo WTF

I have not been this disappointed in the St. Louis Rams, their coaching, their fans, or their overall play in a long time. The St. Louis Rams 27-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs today was an embarrassment in many ways. Over the last few years the losses and play almost became expected but that should have not been the case today. I was deeply embarrassed by this game today, and hopefully the Rams players feel that way as well.

Memo to Steve Spagnuolo, Chiefs QB Matt Cassel had a appendectomy 11 days ago. It is beyond my comprehension that the Rams could not knock Cassel out of this game. How do you not stack the box early and blitz Cassel and pound him to the ground. This is football you know you have to take advantage of that and knock him out. The Rams for most of the game failed to even lay a hand on Cassel, a complete joke!

Lets move on to the crowd or lack there of. The Edward Jones Dome was sold out for the seventh straight time this year, however for the seventh straight time the fans are not at the game. There was an official crowd of 55,669 today, 11,000+ less than capacity. The St. Louis Rams entered the game in first place in the NFC West yet over half of the seats were full of Kansas City Chiefs fans. Lets just say it this is a baseball town and the core of the true football fans is very very small.

Now more on the coaching or lack there of. The St. Louis Rams had the worst looking offense in the history of football under Scott Linehan and it appears of late that Linehan is calling the plays. The Rams who entered the game 24th in total yards could only manage 224 yards today against the Chiefs. Sam Bradford is either not allowed to throw the ball more than 5 yards down field or he is now afraid of making a mistake. Bradford had his third straight bad outing going 21 of 43 for 181 yards with 2 interceptions. Bradford has now went three straight games without a TD pass. In addition we all can see that Laurent Robinson can not catch yet he plays in more offensive sets than any other receiver. Mardy Gilyard was such a steal at the top of the 4th round that after eight months we still can not get him on the field!

The players, what can we say about the players. For the better part of the season it seemed they were playing above their ability but today all of the old issues were back. While Chiefs fans were apparently making too much noise for the Rams to hear they wasted a time out and false started 5 times! A costly false start from the Chiefs 9 yard line on 3rd and 1 cost the Rams a great chance at going up 7-0 early on their first drive. The defense that knew the Chiefs would run the ball with 4 minutes to play and the score 20-13 allowed Jamaal Charles to go 80 yards on first and ten on a simple cut back run, Game Over.

Like coaches we need to have a 24 hour cooling off period to get a better perspective, but for now we should all be pissed off. The Seahawks are going to lose to Atlanta so it is almost just like we did not even play this week. So now it is time for the Rams, their coaches, fans, and players to get ready for the San Francisco 49ers next week.

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