Thursday, October 7, 2010

As Vinnie Sees it- Week 5 Vince Vitale

In Week 4 I scored 81 points after 89 in week 3 and I am now 10th out of 36 in the Blogger/Celebrity/Expert League. Last week I made the right decision to use Antonio Gates who came up with 26 big points. Well I really hate doing this but I am going to use Peyton Manning this week against the Kansas City Chiefs. While I would like to use Flacco I can't pass up this matchup. The Colts are 2-2 and Peyton is going to really want to win this one. He has been nearly perfect with 11 TD passes and 1 interception which was a dropped pass by his receiver. I look for Manning to put up 300+ yards with 3 TD. On the ground I am again going with the matchups and those point to Frank Gore against the Eagles. The Eagles continue to struggle against the run. The 49ers are 0-4, at home, and on national TV and I look for them to pull out all the stops. The Eagles linebackers will have a hard time staying with Gore out of the backfield. My other choice is Maurice Jones-Drew against the Buffalo Bills who are the worst team in football and have the 32nd ranked rushing defense in the league. This seems like a no brainer so MJD will not get hurt and will put up 100+ and a TD for me. At receiver I am going to use up Reggie Wayne coming off a 15 catch week. With Garcon and Collie less than 100% who do you think they Peyton will throw the ball to? My other selection is Calvin Johnson who will go up against the St. Louis Rams. I feel like I should have a Rams or Lions player out there for sure and I am going to go with Johnson. The Rams have no answer for Megatron, who should have a nice game against the Rams. At TE I am also going to pick on the Rams and take the Lions Brandon Pettigrew. Pettigrew has 30 targets in just 4 games. If the Lions throw 7+ balls his way this week he should make some plays. Kicker as always is a crap shoot. I look for a kicker on a team that should score some points but does not have a great offense. This week that ads up to Josh Scobee of the jaguars against the Buffalo Bills. Check in next week to see if my selections paid off.

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