Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Analyze the 2009 St. Louis Rams Schedule

Well the start of the 2009 St. Louis Rams schedule is not exactly what we had hoped but it is not too bad either. The 2009 NFL schedule was released on Tuesday and the Rams will start with two straight on the road at Seattle and Washington. Then the Rams will return for their home opener against the Green Bay Packers. Game four will be on the road again against the San Francisco 49ers. Overall you have to be pretty pleased about the schedule. The Rams will get to jell on the road early and the second half of the season holds 50% division games as well as 5 of the 8 being at the Edward Jones Dome. The bye week comes at week 9 which is probably the best option. After the bye comes the key part of the Rams 2009 schedule as they get to play three straight home games against the Saints, Cardinals and Seahawks. Overall I am happy about the upcoming schedule, what are your thoughts?

2009 St. Louis Rams schedule features:

  • 3 of first 4 on road

  • 4 of 5 at home mid-season

  • Twice back to back road games

  • 4 division games last half of season

  • No prime time games

  • Bye at mid-season

  • West coast to east coast once



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